How we do it

Craig partners with insurers to work collaboratively toward meaningful performance improvement.

We design and deploy solutions to help customers differentiate their offerings.

We reduce both expense and settlement variability by helping adjusters understand likely outcomes of their desk-level decisions. Our solutions, developed from your data and our industry experience, are inexpensive, practical and readily deployable.

The above services deliver immediate savings and are fully compatible with insurers’ concurrent and longer-term initiatives. These common industry solutions, and their respective challenges, include:

Solutions Benefits Challenges
Outsourcing Labor arbitrage provides immediate savings. Maximizing value requires process and workflow redesign and segmentation; service issues may arise.
New systems New capabilities, data sources, increased efficiency and streamlining. Delays immediate process improvement, requires executive approval, may take years.
Staffing reorganization Better alignment of skills and salaries often reduces costs. Without process improvement, difficult to weigh salary, tenure and skills against claim needs.
CLAIMS-AS-FACTORY-FLOOR Efficiencies made possible by specialization and economies of scale. Cutting-edge manufacturing has advanced beyond mere efficiencies, and now integrates multiple components.
While the factory floor analogy has merit, manufacturing is undergoing a far more meaningful transformation. Manufacturers have moved beyond wage arbitrage and in-house segmentation to differentiate themselves.

Companies that conceive, design and integrate components produced by best-in-class partners, while focusing on innovation, brand and core competency, create value for stakeholders. We hope that you will come to see us as a partner dedicated to helping you create that value.