Insurance Services

Craig’s claims, subrogation and litigation solutions improve results and reduce costs.

Why invite an outsider to partner on work that you may already perform in-house?

And, if so, why us?

For starters, what’s non-core to you is core to us.

We’ve hired people you would proudly employ, from within and afield of the insurance industry. We are insurance experts studying and applying lessons learned from other industries.

We’ve analyzed and validated with both large and small customers how to combine our services with the core services that define and differentiate your business, producing much more than the sum of the parts.

Next, we’ve developed processes, backed by our tech solutions, to reveal the cost, in dollars and time, of building out most claim components.

Because while Claims (capital C) is defining and differentiating, claims (lower case C) includes a lot of work that is not.

And that’s where we spend our time, understanding the costs and anticipated return of an investment in a claim task. That tells us where to find the best claim opportunities, and how to use our time and budget most productively.

That insight is reason enough to hire us (and there are more).

Benefits for individual desks, and across departments, include:

  • lower costs (less wasted time and reduced ALAE)
  • improved vendor accountability
  • transparency (claim costs, inventory, workloads)
  • staffing flexibility (recruitment, skill segmentation)